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How Hilenium Hosting Focuses on Fast

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It’s choosing what not to do that sometimes defines you.

We made the decision to be a website-first host, obsessed solely with Fast & Found. To begin with, we would only host websites for companies who wanted to be fast. We wanted to engage with motivated website owners who would push us to deliver new performance benchmarks. Next, we made the decision to focus on only providing services related to being Fast & Found. Furthermore, we needed to remove distractions. As a result, we were not going to sell our clients general IT or consulting services.

Our Philosophy

The Hilenium Fast philosophy has us focus our expertise to race-tune websites for speed. With more than a decades experience working with Australian server providers and big international cloud companies, Matt and I took a leap of faith. Hilenium would neither build nor own server infrastructure. We would use the best server providers to support our clients. This choice freed us to focus exclusively on hosting and server matters that pertained to our client’s website speed. We worry about site speed and server configuration and let our providers worry about hardware and data centres. Being a server-less hosting company allows Hilenium to use several providers – we continually benchmark them – and give our custom to those who best supporting our mission.

Practically Speaking

In layman’s terms, we keep your website fast by shifting the focus of our concern.  As we aren’t having to worry about the vast amount of server and data centre management that traditional hosts do, we can focus on website tuning. We work with a range of server providers. They range from the Hyperscale cloud providers to long-established Australian server providers. Many of the server providers don’t want to focus on individual websites. In addition, several have sold off their retail hosting businesses to focus on servers. Consequently, This is great for Hilenium. We specifically want to focus on web hosting for empowered businesses and not on server infrastructure.

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