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How We Quantify Fast & Found

How Hilenium Communicates to Prospective Clients If They’re Fast & Found Fast & Found by the Numbers When we first engage with a client it’s important to demonstrate the...

Blog / 01 December 2017

How Technical SEO Increased Organic Traffic 85%

This case study summarises how focusing on technical SEO and website speed increased organic traffic 85%. Overview A major apparel brand was experiencing significant issues with their...

Case Studies / 29 November 2017

Fast in Japan from Australian Web Hosting

Can Australian servers provide a fast WordPress user experience to Japanese consumers? The Challenge We had an interesting challenge recently. We needed to deploy a website to serve...

Blog / 21 November 2017

The Definitive Website Speed Guide

Your website speed matters. It matters a lot. It impacts your brand, online visitors, foot traffic to your store, your revenue, and your bottom line. Not just ecommerce businesses. Website...

Blog / 20 November 2017

Welcome to Hilenium Hosting Speedshop

Web Hosting & The Need for Speed We are determined to ensure Hilenium customers use the best hosting technologies at the best prices for their businesses. Consequently, we are building...

Blog / 02 November 2017

How to Get Wordpress to Score 100% on Google PageSpeed

If you are in marketing or tech you should know that Google likes websites to be fast. Not only is it important for SEO but it’s also important for optimising your conversion rates...

Blog / 27 October 2017
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