Hilenium Fast

Hilenium Fast

We get your website fast and keep it fast

Hilenium Fast

Our aim is simple. Get your website fast and keep it that way.

Fast Analysis

We perform a comprehensive analysis on your website’s performance before and after you migrate to us, and then make website optimisations to make your site fly. We investigate a wide range of factors that effect website performance, including:

  • Uncompressed website images
  • Un-minified CSS & JavaScript
  • Non-optimised web server configuration
  • Gzip asset compression not enabled
  • Website cache not configured
  • Inefficient application code
  • Not using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Unnecessarily large HTML documents
  • Slow loading third party libraries
  • Shared server overloaded with requests
  • Outdated server hardware & software
  • Other users websites monopolising resources
  • Insufficient resources allocated to website
  • DNS routing & Server Network issues

FastOps Launch

Armed with the Fast Analysis performed on your website, we then set about race-tuning your website to meet our performance benchmarks. FastOps Launch is a once-off, race-prep to ensure your website is Hilenium Fast.

Fast Monitoring

Importantly, we don’t forget about your website after you launch. We monitor key website optimisation metrics and, if they slip below our benchmarks, we let you know.

All of our website hosting plans include Fast Monitors, but they can be purchased separately, even if you don’t host with us.

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FastOps Tune-Ups

As websites age, performance can degrade. This can be because of intentional changes to website copy or accidental changes to the configuration. If you subscribe to a FastOps package, we will action any Fast Monitoring notifications and restore your website to optimal performance.

Our Fast Tools

We use a range of in-house and industry leading tools to monitor and analyse your website’s performance.

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