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Cloud Servers

At a certain scale the next step is to provision your own servers. We can design a hi-performance server infrastructure to match your application or website requirements. We use the hyperscale cloud server providers, including AWS & Microsoft Azure.

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Hilenium Fast

Hilenium Fast Free

  • Fast Analysis
  • Fast Monitor
  • FastOps Launch

We race-tune your website, monitor performance, and notify you of any degradations.

Fast Details

Hilenium Found

Hilenium Found Free

  • Found Analysis
  • Found Monitor
  • FoundOps Launch

We run detailed search engine optimisation analysis on your site, and monitor your keyword performance.

Found Details

Server 1

Single server, ideal for complex websites, eCommerce stores and low traffic applications.

+ $450 setup + usage

  • 1 Web/App Server
  • 5 Page Fast Monitor
  • 10 Keywords Found Monitor
  • Custom-built server
  • Personalised backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • CDN
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Server 2

Web server and a dedicated database, ideal for database intensive websites, stores and…

+ $525 setup + usage

  • 1 Web/App Server
  • 1 Database Server
  • 10 Page Fast Monitor
  • 25 Keywords Found Monitor
  • Custom-built server
  • Personalised backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • CDN
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Server 3

Dual application servers, load balancer, and a dedicated database server, ideal for mission…

+ $675 setup + usage

  • 2 Web/App Servers
  • 1 Database Server
  • 1 Load Balance
  • 25 Page Fast Monitor
  • 50 Keywords Found Monitor
  • Custom-built server
  • Personalised backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • CDN
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Server X

Custom server infrastructure to suit your specific requirements.

+ $1050 setup + usage

  • Custom-built servers
  • Personalised backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fast 25 & Found 50 Monitoring
  • Continuous Integration
  • Delivery automation
  • Devops
  • Dedicated Support
  • CDN
  • Web/App Server
  • Database Servers
  • Load balancers
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FastOps Tune-ups

Keep your website or application blazingly fast with our Fast Ops Tune-ups. We…

+ $450 setup + usage

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A few of the many systems we support

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    • Cloud Servers
    • Host your website or app anywhere in the world, including Australia, to ensure low latency and friendly maintenance windows.
    • 24/7 Australian Support
    • The team supporting you are based in Australia.
    • If you're down we credit you. It is that simple.
    • Free Migration
    • Moving to Hilenium is easy and fast. Let our migrations team do all work.
    • Threat Detection
    • Hilenium deploys industry leading herd immunity systems to keep your website or app safe.
    • Backups & Recovery
    • We'll set up regular backups so you can easily recover your site.

Cloud Server Providers

  • Amazon Web Services
    • World's largest cloud services platform
    • Compute power, database storage, content delivery
    • Flexibility, scalability and reliability
    • 14 data centres globally, including Australia
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Great compliance coverage
    • Cognitive API's machine learning, blockchain as a service (Baas)
    • 42 data centres globally, including Australia
    • Comparable AWS product range
  • Alibaba Cloud
    • China's largest cloud provider
    • 4th largest cloud services provider
    • 14 data centres globally, including Australia
  • Google Cloud
    • Cost effective cloud servers
    • Data analytics
    • Machine learning
    • 12 regions & 36 zones, including Australia

Have special requirements?
Let us tailor a solution to suit your needs

We will give you a call to go through your requirements. Once we understand your needs we can provide a detailed quotation. We can integrate with third party systems and also refer you to other specialists including web developers, designs, creative agencies, digital marketing managers and IT providers.