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Why should we consider Hilenium for website hosting?

Does it seem that no one is taking responsibility for the day to day performance of you website? Your web developer did a good job building your site but have they emotionally moved on to the next project? Is your web host only concerned with their server performance and not the experience of your website users? If that's the case you should consider Hilenium for performance website hosting.

What is performance website hosting?

We focus on all aspects of website performance, not just server performance like traditional hosting providers. We have performance benchmarks that your site should hit. If it doesn't, we investigate why. Most hosts only care whether their servers are online. Some may half-heartedly monitor if your site is up. At Hilenium we focus on all aspects of your website's performance to make sure it is fast and found.

Why does Hilenium cost more than traditional hosting providers?

Hilenium's website hosting packages include hands-on optimisation that commodity web hosts simply can't or won't do. We are a hi-performance host where every website's performance is analysed, optimised, and monitored every day. Not only do we make sure your website is fast, we also monitor your keywords and organic search performance to help you get found. While you'll almost certainly find cheaper website hosts, they won't share our obsessive focus on performance. We are a hi-performance web host for brands that want to be at the top of their game, and win.

Should I select a hosting provider based upon generous specs?

Always be wary of large CPU and RAM allowances offered to win your businesses. This can often mean that other customers' poorly configured websites can monopolise system resources at your expense. The numbers may be meaningless without understanding the underlying server architecture and network. A well optimised website is highly resource efficient, and much faster than a badly configured website with large resources allocated. Our advice is to focus on website performance specs not hosting and server specs.

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