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Why a Found Website Matters

In the information age, we won’t look far to find what we are looking for When you opened this blog were you expecting an article solely about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM...

Search Engine Optimisation / 12 October 2017

Why a Fast Website Matters

Impatience, treatable in the real world, finds little cure online To be fast or not to be fast, that is the question. Fast requires investment in time and resources. The traditional web...

Website Speed / 09 October 2017

Why Your Marketing Manager Can't Keep Your Website Fast

They know you need to be fast. They just can’t make it happen. The business world has structured itself a certain way for good reason. We have people who do and people who manage those...

Blog / 06 October 2017

How Hilenium Hosting Focuses on Fast

It’s choosing what not to do that sometimes defines you. We made the decision to be a website-first host, obsessed solely with Fast & Found. To begin with, we would only host...

Website Speed / 05 October 2017

Why Your Web Designer Won't Keep Your Website Fast

Fast requires focus. Unfortunately, it’s at the end of the web design journey You like your web designer. Actually, briefly you loved them. You still remember the day you first laid eyes...

News / 03 October 2017

Why We Founded a Performance Hosting Company

Why We Founded a Performance Hosting Company I kept joking to Matthew Clarkson that we should start a Hosting Company. Then one day we did. Back in 2004, one of the first things I did after...

News / 28 September 2017
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