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Our Story

This is a story of obsession. This is a story of a bunch of geeks who love tweaking, optimising and squeezing every last drop of performance out of everything we do.

This is a story of hi-performance.

After working together for years on various highly technical apps and web projects, it dawned on us that the thing we love to do most was race tuning the sites and apps we launched.

We get a kick out of making ‘under the hood’ performance improvements that really matter – the ones that can’t be seen, are often overlooked, or are simply ‘too hard’ for under-the-pump and over budget developers, designers and marketers.

The thing is, performance is important. Really, really important. Well, it is, if you want to be the best at what you do. Milliseconds matter. They matter a lot.

We are obsessed with performance. Not just website performance – we strive to be the best at every single thing we do, our hobbies, our families, and our business.

Hilenium website hosting was born out of the realisation that we are performance obsessed. It’s our passion, it’s what we were meant to do.

Think of us as the race tuners for your website.



Julian Drake from Hilenium   Matthew Clarkson from Hilenium
Julian Drake
Chief Fast Officer
Matthew Clarkson
Chief Found Officer

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