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10 Website Speed Metrics You Should Know

Website speed is really import for user experience, SEO and conversion rates – the faster the better. Do you know what impacts website speed and how to measure them? Here are 10...

Search Engine Optimisation / 20 October 2017

Why Fast Hosting Is Essential for Good SEO

There are, at any given moment, around 200 things that Google looks at when they crawl your website to assess it for its position in the their organic results. Those 200 indicators are well...

News / 18 October 2017

Why a Found Website Matters

In the information age, we won’t look far to find what we are looking for When you opened this blog were you expecting an article solely about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM...

Search Engine Optimisation / 12 October 2017

Are You In The Game? How To Get Your Website Found

You need get many things right in order to even be in the race to be found. Here’s how to get your website found by getting the basics right before you invest in expensive SEO...

Search Engine Optimisation / 02 October 2017

Why We Founded a Performance Hosting Company

Why We Founded a Performance Hosting Company I kept joking to Matthew Clarkson that we should start a Hosting Company. Then one day we did. Back in 2004, one of the first things I did after...

News / 28 September 2017
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