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How Foher Reduced Magento Page Load Time By 6 Seconds, Without Code

how Foher improved magento page load time

Foher is a performance triathlon brand and we were really pleased when they chose to host with us. Here’s how they reduced their Magento page load time by over 6 seconds, simply by hosting with Hilenium.

The Problem

Foher’s Magento ecommerce store experienced very slow load times and frequently exceeded its bandwidth allocation, especially during traffic spikes associated with store promotions. 

Here are some of their store’s home page statics on their former host:

  • 10.2 seconds to fully load
  • 2 seconds average server response time
  • 3 MB in size.

Here are the test results:

foher magento page load pre migration

Slow sites are major issue for ecommerce stores. If you are interested in specific details, check out this guest post I wrote on how a slow websites impacts your conversion funnel

Knowing they needed to significantly reduce their Magento page load time in order to improve their user experience, search engine optimisation, traffic and store conversation rates, Foher decided to change website hosts.

The Results

We provided an iron-clad commitment to Foher that we would significantly improve their Magento store’s load time. This is a commitment we make to all of our clients. We achieve this as we provide extensive fast website optimisations in addition to highly optimised servers.

This is how we improved their Magento page load time by over 6 seconds, without touching any code.

Step 1. Migrating to Hilenium

The process of migrating the Foher store to Hilenium was straightforward and we completed it with zero downtime.

Foher’s home page loading time improved by nearly 50% to 5.4 seconds, simply by migrating to our servers:

  • 5.2 seconds fully loaded
  • 1.3 seconds server response time (prior to any optimisations)
  • 3MB page size (approx.) remained the same.

Here are the test results:

foher magento page load time after basic migration to hilenium

Step 2. Enable LiteSpeed and LiteMage Cache

We configure our servers with the LiteSpeed web server, as it tends to be faster and is more reliant to DDoS attacks than Apache. We also offer LiteMage to all of our Magento hosting clients. LiteMage is a high performance cache specifically designed to improve the performance of Magento stores.

Simply by installing the LiteMage plugin, Foher’s home page loading time reduced a further 0.5 seconds to 4.8 seconds. This represents an additional 22% improvement in page load time. This improvement is purely because the LiteMage cache significantly reduces server response time.  

Here are the test results for this step:

foher magento page load with litemage enabled

Step 3. Image Optimisation and CDN

The next step was to optimise images and deliver static assets via the free Content Delivery Network (CDN) we provide to our hosting clients.

Optimising images reduced the home page’s total size from 3MB to 1.9MB. By serving these images and static assets (such as Javascript and CSS files) via the Hilenium CDN, we improved Foher’s home page load time by another 1.3 seconds to 3.5 seconds in total. This represented another incremental improvement of 17% over the previous step.

Here are the test results for this final step:

foher magento page load time with image optimisation and cdn

Wrap Up

Simply by migrating to Hilenium, and allowing us to install the LiteMage plugin and configure a CDN, we shaved over 6 seconds (or 60%) off Foher’s home page load time. This is a huge improvement from 10.2 seconds with their former host to 3.5 seconds on Hilenium! 

As you can see from the PageSpeed and YSlow results, there are still many additional frontend optimisations we can make to improve Foher’s page load time, but that is out of scope for this case study. Perhaps we’ll make that the topic for a future article… If you are interested, you can read about how we can configure sites to get 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

If you have any questions about this article or if you’d like to discuss anything to do with web performance, please feel free to contact us.

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